Oh great, not another “Mum” blog…


So, Hi!

For a wee while now I’ve occasionally posted things I’ve done with my kids on my personal social media sites. Short, fun activities or games, usually based around teaching my kids letters or numbers. And a few people said, “Hey this is useful I’m going to do this with my kid”. So in my infinite wisdom (ho!) I thought perhaps I would start a little social media and blog site with ideas like this on for Mums and Dad’s like me who want to feel like they are doing brilliantly at this parenting lark, but who also just…haven’t ever got time!

I love Pintrest but I’m not going to spend 45 minutes turning my dining table upside down, lining the legs with two rolls of cling film, getting out the paints plus robing up the kids who refuse to wear the aprons or roll up their bloody sleeves, for them to spend a grand total of three and a half minutes painting before asking to stand at the sink on a chair and wash their hands. Sod that.

So the premise is simple. Activities that take five minutes to set up and do, that have some kind of educational element but without feeling like it. If the activity bombs with the kids then it doesn’t matter. No tables were destroyed or sanity lost. Only five minutes has passed. If it’s a roaring success, hey, go ahead, crack on, perhaps you’ll make up to 15 MINUTES of actual fun. It’s known to have happened.

So this is for busy parents, fellow SAHM’s who have run out of ideas, parents who only have half an hour a day to spend with their kids in the week because they work full time, grandparents who want to feel like they are keeping a little bit up to date with current teaching methods. Anyone at all. Because at the end of the day, if kids get quality time with a loved one doing something they enjoy they are HAPPY…and then we can stick them in front of the telly/ipad guilt free. WIN.

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