The Spider’s Web


Ok so occasionally I sit down with a pen and paper to write a “To Do List” that I will then forget about. Or a shopping list, that I will leave on the side of the kitchen whilst I visit Aldi grabbing at snorkels and avocados completely baffled.

So on these occasions I have a pen and paper in my hand and one of my kids will show an interest. Today when my three year old did, I decided to do a quick game to help him with his numbers. He’s nailed 1-10 but still confuses 11-20.

So I wrote 1-20 randomly on the page with circles around them. He asked me what I was doing. I said “I’m making a number spider web, would you like to help?’ He did. So at first he just helped with counting and guessing the next number. I made it seem like it was tricky to join them up so we laughed at “Silly Mummy”. Then after a while he wanted to join them up so we got some pen grip/fine motor skills stuff in there too. All groovy!

Five minutes of fun. He got bored halfway through the second web and pottered off. I wrote my “To Do” list in peace.

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