The Treasure Hunt


So everyone has got these sorts of puzzles at home. They often are pictures of every day objects or animals or instruments, or in this case numbers and letters. They are pretty boring. They don’t often get played with.

After Easter the kids have VERY much got the hang of hunting for things. So why not hide your puzzles? If you’ve got letter and number ones brilliant. If you haven’t I got mine off of those Facebook selling sites for £2 each! But any will do just fine. It’s all a chance for language, sounds, discussion.

So grab a bag, tip all your puzzles into it, hide them all round the house or garden (if it isn’t STILL bloody raining!) and then plonk the empty puzzle boards somewhere they can see them.  When they notice/ask say “OH NO, SOME CHEEKY PIRATE HAS STOLEN ALL THE TREASURE!!!” and explain they need to find every single piece and return it to its spot before you can get back the treasure (in my case, leftover chocolate eggs!)

When they bring them back use the opportunity to chat about the items if possible. Don’t worry too much if they are totally disinterested in what you’re saying. Some of it WILL be going in, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Praise, laugh at mistakes together, celebrate the win. Then tell them it’s their turn to hide while you sit down and check Facebook for 5 minutes…!

The video won’t upload to the blog but will be on insta!

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