Alphabet Fishing

It’s Friday…and that obviously means it’s FISH FRIDAY, or as it’s known in our house – fish finger Friday (because Five Minute Mum and Five Minute Dad get a takeaway!)

So I thought I’d introduce a wee bit of fishing for you all to try. Have you got magnetic letters? If not, I’d recommend them. We got ours from ELC—lower-case/137253.html#q=magnetic+letters&start=8 for £9 – great stocking filler or little birthday present.

The 5 easy steps to play this game are:

  1. Put the magnetic letters in a bowl
  2. Make a fishing rod – we used a wooden spoon, some string and a metal bottle opener that I got in a Christmas cracker but you can use ANYTHING. so long as the letters stick!
  3. Drop the rod into the bowl and see what comes out. Stick the letter you get to a fridge/radiator/metal tray/tin lid or match them to an alphabet board.
  4. As they collect them talk about which letter it is. Can they make the sound? What starts with that letter? Which letter do they think they will catch next?
  5. If you like make two rods and take it in turns. Who can catch their name first?

Now you don’t HAVE to have magnetic letters to play this game. As long as you have something magnetic you can play it. You can write letters on bits of paper and attach paper clips to them and use the magnet as the fishing rod.

FOR THE LITTLER ONES – For Florence who turns two next week, she caught the letters but instead of recognising letters we matched the colours and put them in groups on the fridge!

So that’s it. As always I followed The Golden Rule. I made the fishing rod and put the letters out next to the fridge. As soon as they took an interest we played for five minutes. Then I let them carry on playing with it or toddle off to do something else. That’s all they need. A little bit of teaching and attention then back to folding the bloody endless washing!!!

Happy Friday fellow parents or carers of small people. Now for the important question…Chinese…? Indian…? Pizza….? Chippy….?


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