The Letter Dice

It’s been so lovely hearing from lots of you lately. I haven’t been doing this for very long and it’s great to get feedback or questions about my games or posts. One of the negatives of being a stay at home Mum is how it’s often very lonely (being asked why I don’t have a willy, or why that car is red doesn’t really count as a water cooler chat!) so when I get messages my little heart leaps!*

Anyway on to the latest game. It’s another one with these foam letter mats so if you don’t have them sorry, but if you do, nifty – one to perhaps try. **









So what you need to do with them is make them into two dice. (dices? Dice? Di?) like so…



And then grab a bit of paper and a pen. Because this game has some pen skills in too, as well as letter recognition. TICK, TICK, BOOM!





Here are the 5 steps to play…

  1. On the piece of paper draw a little scoreboard as per the pictures. With Mummy and the letters on your dice and then your kid’s name and their letters, or if you really want them to practise writing then just write your names and then numbers 1-6.
  2. Take it in turns to throw your dice.
  3. When you get a letter you circle it, or write it down.
  4. Keep going taking it in turns until you get all the letters
  5. The winner is the first one to get them all. Then swap dice if they are enjoying it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Easy peasy. The hardest bit is making the foam letters into dice.

Cheapest place to buy them is eBay or I found some here on Amazon pretty reasonably priced.

So enjoy, give it a go and let me know. You know, so I feel like I have a few mates…!

*I realise this is tragic.

**You could make the dices out of cardboard if you could be arsed. I definitely wouldn’t.

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