5 Quick Ideas for Fun in the Sun

Tomorrow is going to be a warm sunny day. Another one! Isn’t it lovely? So I thought I would do a post on 5 Five Minute Ideas for Fun in the Sun! Now some of these you will have seen popping up before on my posts but I wanted to consolidate some of my quick ideas into one place on my blog page. Plus there is definitely a brand new one you won’t have seen before so worth reading surely?

  1. Water painting. Bucket of water and a paintbrush. Feeling adventurous – add some natural food colouring to different pots for different “colours” but my two were bloody delighted to “paint” our fence and shed for 5 minutes with good old-fashioned water.

    2. Teddy Bears Picnic. If your water tray/box whatever is a big mess like the photo below they just won’t play with it (even though they made the fecken mess!). But stick a tea towel down with some teddies or dolls and an old tea set (or cups, plates and a watering can) and BOOM! Five minutes of peace.

3. Ice Smashing. This has turned into somewhat of a favourite with lots of lovely Mum’s who message me. Chuck some toys into a cup of water, pop them in the freezer and then once frozen give them to the kids to help “free” the toys. Want it educational? Stick numbers and letters in there. What to jazz it up? Put some food colouring in the water. Want to enjoy it yourself? Use the ice they smash for your gin/spritzer. Cheers!

4. Chalk Spraying. When you run out of Windowlene or Mr Muscle rinse out the spray- thingy (what on earth are they called?!) then chalk some letters on a wall outside and tell the kids they need to squirt them away. Great for hand strength and letter recognition.

5. The big clean up. Got Little Tykes cars or playhouses? Plastic garden toys? They all need a good scrub. Get brushes, scourers, sponges, cloths. Put fairy liquid in a bucket of water and let them go to town.


So as always let me know if you do any of these on a sunny day. And even better, if you do, send me a selfie of you doing this…IMG_5070


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