The Washing Line

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Another Bank Holiday – rejoice! So a quick and easy five minute writing/letter recognition game if you get fed up of the BBQ food and paddling pooling!

Very simple this one…I mean it doesn’t need 5 points but hey, who am I to change it…

  1. Create a washing line at kid height. Tie string to things in the garden or do what I did and use two garden canes.
  2. Get a bunch of pegs and some post-its and a pen.
  3. Help them to write their full name, or you write it and they have to pop it on the line in the right order…whatever level they’re at. All good finger grip/strength stuff.
  4. Break it up if they lose interest. We did Ewan’s first and second name one day and the next day he asked Grandad to write out his surname so he could finish it!
  5. If they enjoy it keep mixing up the letters, or do numbers to 20!

Have a wonderful long weekend. Perhaps send me some pics of the Dad’s joining in? Who’s in??? #fiveminutedadsinaction please!




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