Letter of the Day

Have you got a little one starting school for the first time in September? Or perhaps a wee one starting pre-school and you’d like to join in too? Then come join us for a month of LETTER OF THE DAY! It starts tomorrow (2nd August) but you can join in at any point.

All you need to do is as follows:

  1. Get something with separate letters of the alphabet on. It could be scrabble tiles, light box letters, magnetic letters, a puzzle. It just needs one of every letter A-Z.
  2. Get a bag. Any will do. I’ve used a shiny gift bag. You can have a fancy one or an Aldi bag for life. Doesn’t matter.
  3. Find a place to display your letter of the day every day. Fridge? Radiator? A Door? somewhere they can see if regularly and access it from their height.
  4. In that place put a paper and pen or if you’ve got some, five post-its and a pen like we have.
  5. Every day your little one is going to pick out their “Letter of the Day” and we are going to play games around the letter.
  6. First of all you, the adult, is going to write the letter they’ve chosen in capital form. They will copy. Then you will write it in lower case form. They will attempt it too.
  7. Then for the final post-it we will both run around the house looking for something that has the SOUND that letter makes in it…with lots of help from adults of course! And they will draw a picture of the item they found.
  8. Then for my little one they will get a little treat – maybe a chocolate button and while they eat it we will talk about their school and something we are looking forward to about it. But obviously this is entirely up to you.
  9. Your letter of the day will almost certainly be different to mine so I will do a video of ours each day, talking about the letter and the sound it makes. You can watch this video with your little one too.
  10. This way by the time they come to start school they would have gone through the alphabet twice!

Now it’s important to say that it is NOT NECESSARY for them to KNOW the alphabet and all the phonics sounds before they start school. This is just a bit of warm up fun, five minutes a day. No pressure. If they don’t enjoy doing this JUST STOP! Play another one of my games instead perhaps, that suits their interests or just leave them be. They have plenty of time to learn this stuff. It’s just nice to get involved in their learning from home and to feel you’re giving them a wee boost!

So I’m going to be doing lots of posts and videos around this – come join us on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for a MONTH of GETTING READY FOR BIG SCHOOL fun. See you there!

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