Christmas Sign Off…!

Festive greetings everyone…just letting you know I’m going to disappear into the real world for a few weeks over Christmas. Firstly though I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for your support over this year.

Off to soak in every minute of this year with these two. The perfect ages for Christmas magic!

In 2019 Five Minute Mum has gone from a little blog and a few social media pages full of five minute ideas into an (Amazon bestseller for outdoor learning no less) ACTUAL BOOK. And that is in large part thanks to you. The readers and followers. The sharers, the commenters, the people telling their friends about it and tagging them in posts saying ‘this is what I was talking about earlier’. Every time I see those comments my heart skips with joy. I couldn’t ask for a nicer Christmas pressie than that, honestly.

Thank you also to every single person who has sent me photos of them and their children playing my games. To those who thank me for making parenting a touch easier – although I really didn’t do anything, I hope you realise. I just type stuff on here. It’s YOU that is doing it, reading it, playing it, trying it. That’s ALWAYS the most important part.

I am really excited for the book coming out. Just 6 weeks from Christmas it’ll be landing on the doorsteps of all you wonderful people who have pre-ordered it. I hope you love it and it works exactly as I have planned it to. A recipe book for when you don’t know what to do with the little ones. A flickable collection of over 150 ideas for when you’re stuck at home or in need of support for how to teach things or just desperate for a bit of blinkin’ peace.

Some festive fun on this post if you fancy it…

In the meantime if you’re after some Christmas ideas here are some what I made earlier (last year!!). Henry’s Christmas Games and Christmas Rubbish Games should both be plenty to keep you going until I’m back online in early 2020. Alongside everything else on the blog, Instagram and Facebook of course.

And if you’re stuck for last minute gift ideas pop to my #affiliate Amazon shop where I list my favourite toys and even some funny or helpful parenting books too. It’s all HERE!

Also I’ve started adding to my You Tube Channel too so if you find videos easier than a blog, then you can find me here. I find this time of year the video for games to play with cardboard boxes is pretty handy!

So that’s it folks. I’m signing off for 2019 with huge mug of something mulled, a mouthful of chocolate orange, a five minute game set up on the floor, Christmas songs playing loudly in the kitchen, and huge great big MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES to you all!

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