Playing Together

I recently asked those who watch my Instagram stories what they wanted from see more of from me. Obviously I assumed the overwhelming request would be more of my incredibly coordinated and professional kitchen dancing, but amazingly no. It was people asking for ideas of how to play my games with two or more different … Continue reading Playing Together

What I learnt from Week One

This whole thing is a learning process for us all isn't it? How to juggle the working and childcare effectively so you don't lose the plot. How to strike the balance between being their parent or carer but also teaching them something useful so you don't feel like they are missing out on their education. … Continue reading What I learnt from Week One

ALL DAY at home with kids – how do I structure the day?

I've been getting an increasing number of messages from people who are at home with kids in lockdown. I feel it could be imminent for us here in the UK too. So in order to try and help I am going to write and do a few things to give parents stuck at home with … Continue reading ALL DAY at home with kids – how do I structure the day?