So I can finally tell you all what I have been working on for quite some time now. A Five Minute Mum book - GIVE ME FIVE - I mean, not literally, that’s just what is is called! I have gathered up all the ideas that are on the blog and lots of new ones … Continue reading BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT – Give Me Five

TWO New Books!

Announcement: I have two new books coming out in 2021. EEK! One is called Time for School. It is all the games I have been playing with Ewan since he started school to support his learning from home. Of course, they are all simple, quick and easy five minute games which are for spellings, reading, … Continue reading TWO New Books!

Long Car Journeys with Kids

My family live in Sussex. We live in Manchester. Four hour car journeys are a regular thing for us. But I am guessing that given that so many of us are stay-cationing this year due to the pandemic, long car journeys with small children might be something a lot of us are doing/considering/forced into! So … Continue reading Long Car Journeys with Kids

Anti-racism – some thoughts and resources

I have been writing this blog for the best part of a year. As I have learned (and un-learned) more about racism I have added to it, altered it, gone away to research some more, wanted to try to make sure what I was saying was accurate and reflected the seriousness of this subject, but … Continue reading Anti-racism – some thoughts and resources

Playing Together

I recently asked those who watch my Instagram stories what they wanted from see more of from me. Obviously I assumed the overwhelming request would be more of my incredibly coordinated and professional kitchen dancing, but amazingly no. It was people asking for ideas of how to play my games with two or more different … Continue reading Playing Together

What I learnt from Week One

This whole thing is a learning process for us all isn't it? How to juggle the working and childcare effectively so you don't lose the plot. How to strike the balance between being their parent or carer but also teaching them something useful so you don't feel like they are missing out on their education. … Continue reading What I learnt from Week One