Guest Blog – Five Minute Crafts

Now, those of you that know me and this blog well will think...crafts?! WTF....? I know. I am not crafty. We have a craft box and occasionally I grab it down from above the kitchen units but that's often to rummage through it looking for something for a game I've thought up. Occasionally we paint … Continue reading Guest Blog – Five Minute Crafts

Two Wrongs Can Be Alright – Guest Blog

Hello folks! Apologies for not blogging for a while. The summer holidays with two small people is really taking a hit on my laptop time. I'm pretty certain you can all empathise. However fortunately, although I am not able to cobble together enough sensible sentences in between shouting "no you can't have another ice cream" … Continue reading Two Wrongs Can Be Alright – Guest Blog

Oh God, Baking with Kids…Guest Blog

...yep that's what I say too. And I used to LOVE baking. I found it relaxing to potter around the kitchen under a cloud of flour, slowly piping buttercream into swirly patterns. Now? "Oh god, put that spoon down, no not in THERE, let Mummy do this bit, can we just LISTEN PLEASE, where did … Continue reading Oh God, Baking with Kids…Guest Blog


If you have a kid in reception (first year at school) like me you might have heard this phrase. A bit like PHONICS it's another "WTF is that?" thing. You furrow your brow and try to remember if this was something we did at school? Fractions? Multiplication? Yep sounds familiar, but BONDS. What IS THIS? … Continue reading WTF are NUMBER BONDS?