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14 November 2023

Christmas Refuge Appeal 2023

For the fifth year running, I am sharing a WISH LIST from a women’s refuge local to me. This refuge is a safe house for women and children who are fleeing from domestic abuse and violence and have nowhere else to go. Because they cannot reveal the fiercely protected address of this safe house to anyone, it means that local people are unable to drop charitable donations to them. However each year at Christmas they share a list of things they need. I share that list with you lovely people and MAGIC happens. In previous years the refuge staff (including my friend Laura, pictured below) and I have been UTTERLY GOBSMACKED at the generosity of all who have clicked the link and sent items they desperately need for the year ahead. We are hoping to do the same again for 2023.

Here is the link for this year:

click here >>> THE WOMEN’S REFUGE WISH LIST <<< click here

Please make sure on the delivery section you select STONEWATER, Brighton - this means it will be sent directly to them without revealing the refuge address.

Sometimes items aren’t able to be sent - we don’t know why this is, but if it happens please drop me a message to let me know what item it is and I will let the refuge staff know to take that item off the list.

Last year I got to visit the refuge for myself and see the amazing work they do. I was shown around a flat. The one I saw was empty, but ready and waiting for someone to arrive. My heart sank as I looked at this brilliant facility, because despite having everything a family could need - a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and small lounge area - I imagined walking into it clutching my children, with absolutely nothing of my own.

This is why the stuff you send is SO important. You might just think you’ve bought a duvet set or a small toy or some toiletries but it isn’t JUST anything. Those little things the staff can then give the women’s and children when they arrive, on what might be the darkest days of their lives. They can make that flat feel more homely or provide them with items they might need for when they move out of the refuge and onto the next phase of their lives in their own house or flat. It becomes theirs.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking part in this campaign. It really makes a difference.

If you are a small business and would like to donate something from your business to the refuge, please email [email protected] and you will be sent details on how to get involved. I will be sharing small businesses that send items on my stories with links by way of thanks. But please be quick. All items MUST be with me by 1st December in order to be involved.

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