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Five Minute News

14 November 2023

Christmas Refuge Appeal 2023

It's BACK for 2023 - The easiest way ever to support families who are fleeing domestic abuse and violence by sending them a gift this Christmas from their wish list.

20 April 2023

My first book for the KIDS! Starting School - out June 2023

A little intro to my first ever children's book written to help kids with preparing to start school and to help parents open up conversations about school when they start.

23 March 2022

Third Book - On The Go - finally published!

The third book, On The Go, filled with games, activities and tips for being out and about with children, has finally hit the shops!

15 December 2021

Christmas 2021

A farewell Christmas message from me including all my gift ideas, games and festive fun, plus the link to the refuge wish list for those who would like to buy a gift!

19 May 2021


Recently I've been chatting away on a few fabulous here for links to them all if you fancy a listen!

05 April 2021

New Website - welcome!

Yes it's finally here - my new website which I hope you find really easy to navigate to quickly choose a five minute game to play to keep your little ones, but more importantly YOU, happy! I explain how it works here...

01 April 2021

Time For (Home) School Maths Chapter e-book

In order to help those who are learning at home, my publishers have launched the maths chapter of my new book Time for School as an e-book for only £2.99!

01 April 2021

Book 3 pushed back to 2022

Apologies to everyone who has pre-ordered book 3, which is currently titled On The Go, but sadly we have had to push back the publication from this summer (2021) to next spring (2022) due to the sodding pandemic...!!

22 September 2020

Online classes and resources

I have been sent hundreds of messages asking me to share things that people are doing. Some are free content they just wish to share to help people out and some are small businesses that are for children that are trying to stay afloat during all this. All very worthy stuff.

27 August 2020

TWO New Books!

Announcement: I have two new books coming out in 2021. EEK!

29 March 2020

What I learnt from Week One

This whole thing is a learning process for us all isn’t it? How to juggle the working and childcare effectively so you don’t lose the plot. How to strike the balance between being their parent or carer but also teaching them something useful so you don’t feel like they are missing out on…

19 March 2020

Now What?

This is going to be a much shorter blog post and in my usual five minute style! So school’s are shutting tomorrow here in the UK, the kids are going to be at home next week and beyond…so now what?