Five minute fun activities for busy people to do with little kids


Five Minute Mum: Time For School

Fun activities and games to prepare your children for starting school - from bestselling author and social media superstar Daisy Upton AKA Five Minute Mum

As any parent and carer knows, it’s a scary thing to send your little one off to school for the first time. No matter how ready you think you are to send your little darling off to be someone else’s problem for a significant portion of the day, it’s tough - and all you can do is hope you’ve prepared them for it, and that you can support them properly at home once they’ve started.

Now, with the help of Daisy Upton, aka Five Minute Mum, a former teaching assistant, you can be sure that you have!

TIME FOR SCHOOL is the ultimate handbook for making learning fun, equipping your child with the things they need to know before they start, and supporting their learning from day one. Packed full of games and activities designed to help children feel confident and excited about starting school, and to help them with letters, numbers and everything in between.