…to my page! I’m Five Minute Mum. I come up with simple, easy five minute games and activities for little kids aged 1-5 (but lots of children older enjoy my games too!) I am mum to Ewan (5) and Florence (3) and was previously a Teaching Assistant. Now I’m a stay at home mum who enjoys thinking up silly games to occupy my two little nose miners on a daily basis. I often sneak some learning into the fun or I think up something that will buy me five precious minutes of peace – because who doesn’t need THAT?!

If you are here because you are at home with small children due to the Corona Virus Pandemic I have four blog posts dedicated to help you. One is how I STRUCTURE my days at home with both kids, the second is an IDEAS BANK, and third is what I am doing to PREPARE for the kids being at home full time. Also there is a blog post on VIDEO CHAT GAMES you can play from home with friends and family, and blog on the ways I have adapted my games so that the kids can PLAY TOGETHER with different age and abilities.

I have a BOOK out too, you can get it on Amazon and Waterstones. It is now back in stock – HURRAH! It will also be in Tesco, Morrisons and WH Smiths stores.

You can find loads of my games and ideas all on this blog – they are categorised in the menus so if you have a little one who’s reluctant to pick up a pencil, or hasn’t yet been introduced to numbers and counting don’t worry, I’ve got it all covered.

I also have a load of blog posts on other bits and bobs. Stuff like Why I Don’t do Games for 0-12month olds and An Open Letter to Mrs. Hinch, as well as a post on why It Doesn’t Always Work and my list of Top Toys. You can find all of these by clicking ‘Advice and Tips’ in the menu bar at the top. For everything else there’s a search bar, just scroll this page until you see it. You can also pop your email address in the ‘Follow’ box nearby and get new games and updates direct to your inbox!

Five Minute Mum SHOP! I set up an Amazon shop through the #affiliate programme. I have listed my top toys, favourite books, my Five Minute Mum ‘survival kit’ with everything you need to play my games and all the bits and bobs from around the house that people frequently ask me “where is that from?” How it works is, I earn a small percentage if you buy through my recommendation but it is free to browse if you’re simply after ideas. Click here to shop!

So if you have little ones aged 1-5 and have those days when you’ve run out of ideas (we all do!) but don’t want to spend hours setting up ‘activities’ (who does?) and yet would love the little person under your care look at you like you’re the most fun person they’ve ever met! Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome.

Me and my wonderful assistants – Ewan and Florence