…to my page! Hello. What are you looking for? Five minutes peace? (“HELL YES” I hear you cry!) Well, click the link in the menu bars. What else? Games to help introduce your little ones to the alphabet? No-one teaches you this stuff do they? Where’s the ante-natal class to help you understand WTAF is Phonics? Again, see the menu for loads of five minute games to make letter learning at home easy and fun. You can also find quick ideas to introduce your wee people to numbers and writing too – it’s all covered! There’s also a search bar on here now where you can type something in, just in case you’ve seen something on my social media pages and want to find it.

Just don’t forget the GOLDEN RULE!

I also have a load of blog posts on other bits and bobs. Stuff like Why I Don’t do Games for 0-12month olds and An Open Letter to Mrs. Hinch, as well as a post on why It Doesn’t Always Work and my list of Top Toys. You can find all of these by clicking ‘All Blog Posts’ in the menu bar at the top.

And finally if you’re not sure what this is all about click on the post What is Five Minute Mum? where I explain all. If you have little ones aged 1-5 and have those days when you’ve run out of ideas (we all do!) but don’t want to spend hours setting up ‘activities’ (who does?) and yet would love the little person under your care look at you like you’re the most fun person they’ve ever met! Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome.

Me and my little assistants – Ewan 4 and Florence 2