Five minute fun activities for busy people to do with little kids


Hello and welcome! I’m Five Minute Mum, or Daisy if you prefer real names. I come up with easy games and activities for little kids aged 1 and up, that take five minutes to set up (which means they also take five minute to clear away again - hurrah). I am mum to Ewan (7) and Florence (5) and was previously a Teaching Assistant working in primary schools. Now I’m a stay at home mum who enjoys thinking up silly games to occupy my two little nose miners on a daily basis. I often sneak some learning into the fun or I think up something that will buy me five precious minutes of peace – because who doesn’t need THAT?!

I first started my blog back in Spring of 2018, after using my TA skills to start teaching Ewan (who was three at the time) the letters in his name. I wanted to not only make it fun for him to learn those letters, but also really easy for me. I was sick of setting up Pintrest ideas with paints that were massive fails. My kids played with them for 30 seconds and made the kind of mess that you’re still finding the remnants of 3 weeks later. No thanks. It had to be fun for him, and quick for me because I also had a 1 year old to keep my eyes on at all times.

When I started playing my five minute games friends asked what I was up to. After I’d shared the same idea a few times over I decided to write it all down on the internet instead and so Five Minute Mum was born. Four years later, it’s still going strong and as my children get older I find new ways to have five minutes of fun. I have three books out in the world, the first one is a the silver cover called GIVE ME FIVE for ages 1-5, the second is the dark navy cover and is called TIME FOR SCHOOL and is for ages 4-8 and the third book is the yellow one called ON THE GO and is for all ages. Just click on the books tab at the top to find out more.

The website it split into ages for actvities, plus on the menu there are also blog posts filled with tips and advice from both me, and experts in their field.

So if you too have small children in your care to entertain and five minute set ups sound good to you, then you’re in the right place. Welcome.

Below is a video I made to introduce myself for The Happy Place Festival in 2020, but it has everything you need to know!

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