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GUEST BLOG: From Sydney Piercey - Cardboard Crafting Queen

The Cardboard Queen herself, Sydney Piercey has kindly written a guest blog post. Here just in time for Easter with some brilliant egg box ideas to keep your little ones busy over the holidays using only the simplest of items from around the house...

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GUEST BLOG - “10 Handy Habits for Making Family Mealtimes Easier” by Registered Nutritionist Emily Longbottom

A guest blog post from Nutritionist Emily Longbottom, with 10 tips on how to make mealtimes with fussy children less stressful for us all, including some links to helpful websites for support on children's eating.

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“Tidy Kids” by Katrina Hassan - KonMari Consultant

At the start of January I had had enough. The house constantly looks like a pit. Sometimes it is immaculate at 3pm after hours of work only for it to resemble a Black Friday jumble sale again come 5pm. ARGH!

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“Five Minute Crafts” From Emma @messylittlebugs

Now, those of you that know me and this blog well will think…crafts?! WTF….? I know. I am not crafty. We have a craft box and occasionally I grab it down from above the kitchen units but that’s often to rummage through it looking for something for a game I’ve thought up.

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“Two Wrongs Can Be Alright” by Dr Joanne Riordan - Educational Psychologist

Hello folks! Apologies for not blogging for a while. The summer holidays with two small people is really taking a hit on my laptop time. I’m pretty certain you can all empathise. However fortunately, although I am not able to cobble together enough sensible sentences in between shouting “no…

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“Oh God, Baking with Kids!” by Laura Brink from @bakefulplay

...yep that’s what I say too. And I used to LOVE baking. I found it relaxing to potter around the kitchen under a cloud of flour, slowly piping buttercream into swirly patterns. Now? “Oh god, put that spoon down, no not in THERE, let Mummy do this bit, can we just LISTEN PLEASE, where did the…

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“Music to My Ears” by Lauren Elliot - Music Teacher

This is the third in the series of these wonderful guest blogs. Today’s post is by Lauren Elliot who is the cofounder of a music school. Lauren is a Mum of two and has some wonderful easy ideas for ways to encourage a love of music in children. As someone who has always loved music I am so keen…

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“Bath Time, Fun Time” by Sarah Quirico - Swimming Teacher

Another wonderful guest blog post here. Now my two are like little fish, they absolutely love the water. I’d go so far as to say swimming is their favourite activity and I cannot wait to take them on holiday this year so they can play in the pool as long as they like. I have taken them to…

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“Sit Still and Listen!” by Vicky Robinson - Occupational Therapist

Hi all, I’ve decided to do a little series of five minute guest blogs. When I started this blog it felt a very solitary affair. Just little old me, writing about our five minute games. However one of the lovely surprises I have discovered through the building follower numbers is a wonderful…

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