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07 November 2019

Book Cover Reveal

I think most of you will have seen this by now but here is the official cover of my book Give Me Five…

It is going to be a shiny finish, to look just like my fridge! Plus the letters will be embossed too so hopefully will feel lovely, as well as look nice too. Ben and his design team at Penguin came up with this fabulous design - cheers guys. I hope you like it too.

Thank you so so much to all the people who have pre-ordered my book. I didn’t realise until I started this process how vital those pre-orders are to the success of a book but apparently they are, so I am hugely grateful to every single one of you that has ordered copy to arrive in February. I hope it lands on your doorstep on a cold, miserable winter day and you think YESSSS!!!

If you haven’t yet, and would like to you can pre-order it on Amazon or through Waterstones:

Amazon Give Me Five

Waterstones Give Me Five

To see the video I created for the cover reveal pop to my Facebook or Instagram page.

Thanks again. I still don’t really think I’ve actually written a book. I’m sure it won’t hit home until a copy is properly in my hands. Only then will I probably actually believe it.

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