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22 September 2020

Online classes and resources

I have been sent hundreds of messages asking me to share things that people are doing. Some are free content they just wish to share to help people out and some are small businesses that are for children that are trying to stay afloat during all this. All very worthy stuff.

The problem is I am getting hundreds of requests, and as much as I want to share them all on my social media pages I just can’t because a) it would bombard people with too many things and b) I wouldn’t have time to post up my own content which I am guessing is what people follow me for!

So instead I have decided to write a little list below of some of the resources we have either been using at home and had fun with or that are businesses I know of that are trying to still offer classes online to keep their businesses going - after all - once we are released back out into the wild the first thing I think we are all going to want to do is sign our kids up to as many classes as possible! So if we can support them it will benefit us all in the long run…

In her pre apocalypse business (!), she offered live music classes for under 5s, which my daughter used to go to; but has obviously had to move her business online. As part of that she is offering free five minute musical activities, aimed at babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers Monday to Thursday; every week. And then on Fridays she’s doing a full class, which this week will be free too. There’s a bit more info on the post linked below if you want to have a look, and if you go to her page you’ll see youtube links to some of the sessions from this week:
Anyway, I know you’ll have a billion requests to share things, but I thought it fitted in really nicely with your five minute ethos, and wondered if you might be able to share it with your followers? The live longer classes will be £3.50 from next week, but the five minute activities are going to stay free for now. If you were interested in promoting her though, we’d happily gift you them each week to do with Ewan and Flo? I have two exactly the same age as yours, and although my eldest is a little out of her target audience range, he’s been joining in too!


Baby Ballet

Art Hub

Thank you for everything you do on Instagram… you have been a life saver in the past, but more than ever now!!!!
Just wanted to say, I come across this on Instagram and thought it may be helpful on how to explain the virus to younger kids.

I have an Instagram: tips.from.teachers
Facebook: @tipsfromteacheruk and a group: tipsfromteachers

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