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Toddler Pong

Obviously we aren’t throwing the toddlers into the beer cups, as temping as that may be at times. In fact there’s no beer involved at all, more’s the shame 😉 - But this game is so versatile I wanted to write it up on here in it’s many different forms. In fact, it isn’t just for toddlers at all, but I didn’t know what else to call it. Just, PONG? For ages 1-6!

So what do you need? A load of plastic cups, a ball and something you want them to learn. That’s it. Pop them out on the floor somewhere and follow the Golden Rule as always. Let them come…! When they do, they have to try and bounce or throw the ball into the cups. Either do one set and take it in turns to throw, or do two sets of cups opposite each other. Each time the ball goes in a cup it gets taken away until all the cups are gone. First one to get rid of their cups is the winner.

So what versions can we do?

  1. Use it for colour recognition. Either use different colour cups to throw the ball into or if you don’t have different colours put something that is different colours inside each cup. Good for little ones aged 1-3.
  2. Use it for letter recognition. Write letters on the cups in dry wipe marker pen, or pencil, or pop a magnetic letter from a set inside. Alternatively just write it on a bit of paper and fold it up inside. Great for age 3 and 4.
  3. Help with writing. Pop a letter or number inside each cup and grab a piece of paper. On the paper draw a box for each of the letters or numbers. Each time they get one they have to write it in the box, first one to fill out all their boxes wins.
  4. Help with times tables/sums. Write 10 of their times tables or number sentences on a bit of paper. Pop the answers inside the cups. When they get one, they need to match up the sum with the answer.
  5. Tricky and high frequency words. This is what we currently use this game for. I pop all the words Ewan is learning into cups and he lobs the balls into it happily whilst I help him learn those words by sight.

Basically you can put ANYTHING in the cups and it’s a learning game. Alternatively don’t use it for any learning at all. Just get out a bouncy ball and have five minutes of fun! Oh, and if you can’t find a ball just roll up a bit of tin foil. Happy Ponging!

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