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01 April 2021

Time For (Home) School Maths Chapter e-book

GOOD NEWS! If you are after a sneak peak from my new book Time for School (out on 15th April 2021) then you’re in luck.

During the ‘home learning’ phase of 2021, lots of you were wishing my new book, (which has lots of games for school age children from Early Years to Key Stage 1) was available now so my publishers heard you and decided to release a chapter of it early, just for download.

We went with the MATHS chapter as it is full of so many games and is the most straight forward chapter to follow without reading the rest of the book! It is HERE if you want to download it and only costs £2.99.

19 May 2021


Recently I've been chatting away on a few fabulous here for links to them…

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05 April 2021

New Website - welcome!

Yes it's finally here - my new website which I hope you find really easy to navigate to…

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01 April 2021

Book 3 pushed back to 2022

Apologies to everyone who has pre-ordered book 3, which is currently titled On The Go, but sadly…

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