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05 April 2021

New Website - welcome!

Welcome to the new look

I have been so excited to bring this new website to you. I started writing my blog back in 2018, using the free Wordpress pages to upload my ideas for family and friends to read. Never did I think it would get so un-managable! After 50 or so posts I tried paying for better Wordpress versions and attempting to ‘design’ it myself, but alas we must accept our shortcomings in life and web design is certainly one of mine. I knew exactly how I WANTED it to look and work but I just couldn’t make it happen.

Fortunately my fabulous literary agency Bell Lomax Moreton stepped in and put me onto Liam, a computer whizz who has designed these new pages along with my input (sorry Liam for the rather confusing drawings and various changes in direction) to make finding my games so much easier.

Now hopefully you can find what you’re looking for in five minutes. I hope it works almost like an app on your phone, with the ability to flick through by ages if that’s what you need or by topic. If you click into Games and Activities and see the small turquoise words at the top of each game you’ll see the kind of skills that game is promoting. If you click on any one of those skills ‘writing’ or ‘maths’ for example, it’ll take you to a page with ALL the games listed under that topic too. Hurrah!

There is also a search bar and prominent links to my books, news and shops so hopefully you’ll never be lost again!

I really hope this website works well for you all. This is why I did a few #ads last summer, in order to pay for someone to create this. I know not everyone can afford to buy my books and I really want my games and ideas to be accessible to everyone. Now the new website is up and running I will be adding lots of new content to it so don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be alerted when a new one goes up!

It’ll never be a perfect whizzy website with gadgets and pop ups because that just isn’t me is it? I want it to always reflect the reality of this page, both the five minute ideas but also the reality of looking after small children. The pictures are mine, shot from my phone and usually littered with washing, mess and us as we are! But I hope this new page is at least a wee bit easier to navigate for you all. Feedback by the way is welcome as it’s very new and I am still working on it too.

Tips and Advice is now separated out into the blog posts I have written over the years, and also my guests who have kindly contributed with their own expertise. I am on the lookout for new experts to add to the page so if you feel you have something important to contribute please do get in touch.

Anyway I will stop banging on now. I will leave you to explore and hopefully find something new that you didn’t even know existed because it’s been sat in the depths of a Wordpress blog for years, which no-one ever scrolled to. Not even me! As always, happy playing!

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