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The Ball Pit

Don’t worry, this game has nothing to do with the horror that is a soft play ball pit and the wonders you’ll find at the bottom of them…!

Lots of parents I know have at some point or another bought a big bag of balls. These are particularly useful if you feel you don’t already tidy up enough and would like to scoop an endless number of balls out from underneath your sofa and sideboard for extra fun. So usually the ball bag of regret* is hidden in the depths of the ‘shit we NEVER play with’ cupboard…but AH HA…I have found a use.

Write on the colourful buggers with a marker pen. If you have a little one just learning their letters, do their first name. If you have a 6 year old, write loads of random letters on them and challenge them with a 60 second timer to see how many CVC (consonant-vowel-consonent) words they can find (e.g. dog, sit, cat, lit). Can they beat their score next time?

Ewan (3) has nailed his first name. I am now introducing more letters through his middle and Surname. So I wrote all of these names on the balls. Chucked them in the empty paddling pool we had out yesterday and when he came into the garden to ask what I was doing I said, “your name is hidden in there. Want to try and find it?” We threw away balls with no letters on. (His sister extended the game by throwing away some of the lettered balls!)

About halfway through the game I realised the balls were just going to roll off our decking so I dug some old paper cups from a party out of a kitchen cupboard to plonk them in. But I was looking for blue-tack to stick them to before that.

So perhaps a little game to try at the weekend? Let me know if you do! Now it is time for a Friday night Mummy Juice…cheers!

*Not a nickname for Five Minute Dad. Promise.

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