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The Target Practice

The weather is meant to be nice this week. Hurrah for spring! So I thought I would put up a game that can be done in the garden. Get some vitamin D on our poor pale faces!

It’s called ‘The Target Practise’. For us it involves a rotary washing line and a rocket launcher that can be found here

However you can use ANYTHING! Make a washing line with a bit of string and use a ball, or wet cotton wool balls or water balloons or a catapult to fire at your targets. Use a straw and make spitballs if you like! Hang them from trees, fences, Daddy. Anything’ll do!

I started this game with Ewan just after he turned 3 as a way for him to start recognising his name. This is the best way to start introducing children to letters because they are self absorbed little buggers and love anything to do with themselves. Especially their name written in big fat letters hanging in the garden! But you can do it with anything. Letters they are struggling with, their middle or surnames or if you like, you can start with phase one Phonics (which is how they teach reading in schools) and begin with S A T P I N. We shall be doing Ewan’s surname this week!

As always, Golden Rule….hang them out and let them come…!

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