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Father’s Day World Cup Game

Now before you start, I am a woman and I love football. This game isn’t JUST for the Dad’s and I ain’t getting in on some sexism debate. BUT let’s face it more men participate in playing and watching football and so this game is aimed at them. 😊

Plus it’s Father’s Day, and without my awesome Dad sharing his football knowledge and love for the game with me as a kid, I wouldn’t have ended up on plane out to South Africa with the England team as I did for the 2010 World Cup in a previous life (brag over!)

Me at the Rustenburg Training Ground! 😉

So anyway this one’s for the Dads. Brilliant, footy mad Dads who play bonkers hyper games with their kids, letting Mum have a few minutes to herself. This is dedicated to Ewan and Florence’s wonderful Dad who does exactly that, and my own fantastic Dad who also did exactly that with me and my brother!


  1. Get a dodgy old 90’s trophy out of the cupboard/loft or make one by covering a wine glass in foil al la the photo above!
  2. Lay 10 foam letter mats around the garden randomly and set up a goal. If you rummaged around in the shed like I did but STILL couldn’t find the goal then just plonk a washing basket down.
  3. When the kids fancy a game tell them there’s a chance to win THE WORLD CUP and watch their little eyes light up as you show them the trophy.
  4. They have to throw the ball in the air or roll it down a slide as we did, and as they do you shout a letter out.
  5. They then have to dribble the ball around the letter and then shoot it in the goal. Once all letters are complete they WIN THE WORLD CUP…cue mega celebrations. Asprilla, Shearer, Crouch whatever style you please. Don’t forget to kiss the trophy kids!

and that’s all I have to say except COME ON ENGLAND!!!! (Sorry FM Dad - he’s Scottish!)

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