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Letter Diggers

I put a request up today on my insta-stories. If you don’t already know I am supporting #CFWeek this week which is for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and the way Henry’s Games came about got me thinking about requests. Henry’s Mum Jen sent me a message asking me to help her think up some games for Henry to support with his physiotherapy and I love nothing more than people getting in touch! Recently another lovely friend sent me a message asking for some games to help her son. Her little lad is starting school this September just like Ewan, and also like Ewan he is a summer baby, so will be very young in his year. She was worried about his reluctance to do any kind of writing or picking up a pen and asked for some ideas.

So this flicked my frazzled brain into action and I’ve come up with a game that I hope my friend’s little boy might like, because he loves a digger as so many wee people I know do!

I used kinetic sand for this game but you don’t need to have this stuff - although it is great and I’d recommend it. You could obviously use regular sand, or lentils, or pasta, or rice or anything like that - so long as you have a tray or something to put it on!

Letter Diggers

  1. Get two bits of paper and draw 6 squares on each of them. Write letters in one set of squares and cut them out. Leave the others blank and add little tick boxes next to each square.
  2. Get a tray and place the letters in it, now cover with sand and diggers.
  3. When your little one shows interest, tell them there are letters hidden under the sand that the diggers have to excavate!
  4. Each time they find one they need to write it in the box and tick it off.
  5. When they have found all 6 letters they can hide them for you, or just leave them to play with the sand happily and give them a chocolate biscuit like I did for Ewan and Flo!

So if you have a request or a particular challenge with your child you might like me to think up a game for, please send it on over. I’d love nothing more than to try and help!

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